As more beverage distributors move to rear-load bulk trailers as a more efficient means of delivery versus traditional side-loaders, liftgates are playing a much more important role in beverage fleets. A number of liftgate suppliers offer a variety of solutions for the day-to-day demands of beverage distribution; however, Leyman Lift Gates is focusing on meeting multiple needs of our end users by maximizing the efficiency and longevity of the delivery person (user satisfaction) as well as the mechanical application for beverage distribution.  As a result, Leyman Lift Gates believes we are being a valuable partner in the future success of our beverage distribution partners by reducing driver fatigue, frustration, and safety, while delivering the most robust, heavy duty product in the industry.

    Leyman offers two specific versions of the FXD specifically designed to meet the demands of the beverage distribution industry.  The FXD68-Steel Platform Rail Gate with an 86W” x 84D” platform meets the durability and longevity demands of the beverage industry.  Leyman has multiple partners that have FXD68- Steel Platform Rail Gate solutions that have been reliably in service for 12 or more years.  Such reliability is a result of thoughtful standardized design elements such as lifetime warranty on steel rollers, reinforced columns, twin hydraulic cylinders, dual power down on demand, and reinforced outer plates resulting in Leyman being the most robust solution in the industry. 

    Leyman also offers the FXD68-AL, Aluminum Platform solution which trims additional weight off the Rail Gate, while still providing the same features the FXD-68 offers including the 86W” x 84D” platform.  As many Beverage partners are ever conscience of overall weight, the aluminum solution provides enough weight savings to add a couple more kegs of beer to the load.  The Aluminum platform also stands up better against road chemicals often used in extreme climates, reducing the effects of corrosion without adding the weight of galvanizing the platform. 

    Both FXD versions offer the same standardized solutions including galvanization, dual cylinders, dual power down on demand, stationary switches and wiring harnesses to reduce wire wear, with the most robust capacity in the industry.  Additionally, Leyman offers several popular options including lighter weight capacities, automatic cart stops, lighted headers, 16” aluminum retention ramp, bolt-on installation kits, gravity cart stops, extended warranty options, and extreme shield paint.  Leyman can also work with your specific customized needs should you be looking to innovate or customize your gates for a specific application.

Mat Jones
Southwest Regional Manager
Leyman Lift Gates