For nearly a century, lift gates have been helping drivers to unload their trucks and trailers. Until the mid-1960’s these lift gates were predominantly of 2 varieties: hydraulic tuck under gates and chain operated rail gates.

Chain operated rail gates’ invention created a more level platform ride. They, however, had a serious flaw in that a chain failure was always catastrophic, causing personal injury or loss of merchandise, or both.

In 1965 Leyman Lift Gates launched a new product, the all-hydraulic 6000 lbs. capacity rail gate. Today, the FXD6800 is the highest lifting capacity rail gate available and even though this gate has been upgraded to be more efficient and the best ROI in the business, it is still the ORIGINAL.

Fast forward to 1981, and Leyman Lift Gates introduced the first trailer side door lift gate. The former 7-11 store supplier, Southland Corporation, partnered with Leyman Lift Gates to introduce the TLS side door slider gate, to help them make safer and more efficient deliveries. This ORIGINAL is still in use today and is quickly becoming the preferred method to unload a refrigerated trailer at restaurants and convenience stores.

These industry original lift gates were customized solutions when they were first developed by Leyman Lift Gates and are currently the top 2 selling lift gates at Leyman.

Whenever your fleet needs the best solution available to help drivers with safety and efficiency, demand the ORIGINAL.