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About us

Founded in 1940, LEYMAN Manufacturing Corporation has been manufacturing all-hydraulic lift gates for over 50 years. During this time, LEYMAN products have evolved as industry standards.

 A leading manufacturer of all hydraulic lift gates, Leyman Lift Gates provides equipment and services to all industries that transport goods. Our dedication to quality through innovation will enable us to continue to set the standard in hydraulic lift gates. With state of the art engineering, world class manufacturing, and outstanding response to our customers’ needs, Leyman will continue leading the lift gate industry through the 21st century.

We excel in finding effective solutions to industry challenges through product development and resourceful engineering. By combining each customer’s input with this innovative engineering, we are able to create lasting partnerships, affording better solutions to our customers’ needs.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide effective, timely, and professional service, allowing our customers the means to achieve their company goals and objectives. 

Working together in a spirit of cooperation, respect, and pride to produce the finest products on the market, we strive to create a vibrant workplace where our employees are our greatest resource.

Leyman holds a responsibility to improve and preserve our communities. We value this standard, upholding fairness and opportunity in our employment practices and promoting safety on the job and on our roads. We believe our integrity is the cornerstone of our business.


Bill Margroum

William Margroum

General Manager

Rob Ayers

Vice President, U.S. Operations

Keith Nash

Director of Sales

Carl Morris

Plant Manager (Cincinnati)

C. Eduardo Escarraga Perez

Vice President, Mexican Operations

History of Innovation at Leyman Lift Gates

01 Jan 1940

10 Mar 1960

12 May 1965

30 Jul 1970

Incorporated in Cincinnati, Ohio


Begin as a material handling systems and hydraulic lift gate builder.


FOLD-A-VADOR® first all-hydraulic 6,000 lbs capacity rail gate designed. LEY-VADOR® all-hydraulic 6,000 lbs. capacity internal lift gate designed.


National distributorship program established. FOLD-A-VADOR® all-hydraulic 4,000 lbs capacity rail gate designed.






15 Apr 1980

24 Apr 1981

01 Dec 1991

16 Dec 2000

Leyman drops material handling systems to focus on lift gate manufacturing.

HIDE-A-WAY® TLS gate designed. HIDE-A-WAY® STG gate designed. Added 3,000 lbs & 5,000 lbs capacities to FOLD-A-VADOR® rail gates


LEVEL-VADOR® LV gate designed. LEVEL-VADOR® LVS gate designed.


HIDE-A-WAY®LHLP gate designed. Mobile Service Program offered.






17 Jul 2001

21 May 2002

25 May 2003

18 Feb 2004

LEVEL-VADOR® LV gate designed with aluminum platform.


HIDE-A-WAY® TSG gate designed.


Maintenance Minder2® controller introduced.  LFS 900 Sprinter Van lift gate introduced. Additional capacities available for TLS.


Fold-A-Vador® FDC with aluminum platform designed. LHLP able to be installed on trailers with swing doors. LH lift gate available with deeper platform



21 Feb 2005

17 Jun 2006

31 Oct 2007

08 Aug 2008

Additional capacities (2,500 lbs & 3,500 lbs ) available for LHLP.

Wedge platform available on LH & LHS gates. LCS 1320 – Sprinter Van external lift gate introduced.

LCS 1320 Free Access lift gate introduced. HIDE-A-WAY® SLP gate designed.

HIDE-A-WAY® LPS gate designed.

05 Jun 2009

20 Dec 2010

06 Sep 2011

07 Sep 2012

HIDE-A-WAY® LTS gate designed. FOLD-A-VADOR® FXD extreme duty lift gate designed.

HIDE-A-WAY® LPR gate designed.

Leyman University Opens.

Another industry innovation, as we introduce our Automatic-Cart Stop Solution.

20 Dec 2013


Leyman Lift Gates continues to provide lift gate solutions that just plain work, period.


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