There is another option for style of gate other than a rail or tuck under gate for a trailer. The LPR rear trailer slider gate is just that other option.  The rear slider gate offers the large and level platform of a rail gate, without adding any addition length or interference on the rear of the trailer like a tuck under gate. The real beauty of this gate is the ease of install on either roll up or swing door trailers. The problem with a rail gate is it only work with roll up doors, and the issue of an aftermarket addition of any tuck under to an existing swing door trailer, is there has to be adjustments made to the door length as well as the door handles and locking rods. These door adjustments can be costly and more importantly, time consuming. The LPR slider installs easily on either swing or roll up door trailers, it just requires 76” of clearance from the butt of the trailer inward.

With the LPR Slider being an all-inclusive gate, that means the gate comes fully assembled ready for install, as well as having extra space in the power unit box, it eliminates the need for an additional battery box. The LPR is a great cost saving option for customers who are used to a traditional rail type gate. These gates typically can be bought and installed for under $12,000.

We are starting to see this style of gate being used for flower haulers, beverage distributors, retail store distributors and food service deliveries. The 80” wide by 72” deep platform allows for an electric pallet jack, loaded pallet and operator to all fit comfortably with extra room. The gate could hold up to 3 delivery carts and an operator.

This gate has such a simple chain driven power system that runs the gate in and out that it eliminates the issues see with competitors similar style gates that are using hydraulic rods or rack and pinion designs, that can easily become mis aligned and cause the gate to not be able to go in and out. The LPR also has the option for a manual hand pump that would act as a last resort method of raising the gate, if for some reason there is an issue with the power to the motor. This hand pump would allow the operator to get the gate back up off the ground and under the trailer, and attempt to make the remaining deliveries by hand or at least get the trailer to repair shop, without  having to pay for a road call.

Overall, I would like to see many more of these LPR Trailer Slider gates on the road. It really is a great alternative to rail and tuck under style gates and is such a simple and reliable design that can get the job done and more. With a lifting capacity of 4500 lbs, this gate covers the needs of most lift gate users. It’s heavy duty primary makes for long term durability and the aluminum secondary platform keeps the total gate weight down and makes the fold and unfold much easier on the operator. This gate really has a lot to offer and diverse in usage for all types of industry, I’d recommend to the right fleet, small or large to give the LPR Slider Gate a try!

Joe Hayden
Southeast Regional Manager
Leyman Lift Gates