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Private Use Lift

Lifting Capacity – 1,000 lbs

PLG Standard Features Benefits
Large True Level Ride Platform

Stabilizes Patient on Gurney or in Wheel Chair with up to 2 assistants  

Safety Chain

Safely Secures Lift Gate in Over-the-Road Position

Emergency Hand Pump

Ability to Operate During Power Loss

Inner Roll Stop 

Safety Feature During Patient Loading and Unloading 

No Alteration to the Side of the Trailer for Gate Installation

Lower Installation Time Needed and Lowers Installation Cost

Mounts Under the Trailer Inside One of the Enclosed Belly Boxes

Stows Out of the Way and Out of Adverse Weather When Not in Use

Pressure Compensated Flow Control

Steady Hydraulic Pressure for Smooth Operation

Model Number Lifting Capacity Platform Operating Dimensions Overall Platform Dimensions Power Kit Approximate Weight

PLG 1000

1,000 lbs


+ 21" Flip Ramp

Hydraulic Connection

1820 lbs

PLG 1010

1,000 lbs


+ 21" Flip Ramp

Power Unit

1820 lbs

Option Number OPtion Description


Additional Circuit Breaker for Supply Line


Reflecting Tape


Hand Rails

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